For tax credit Buyers

Help accelerate the energy transition while making strong returns on low-risk investments. Buy fully-insured tax credits at a discount from vetted clean energy projects.

Why Concentro?

Discover opportunities

Find high-quality, vetted development projects offering attractive return opportunities.

Leverage experts

Our legal, CPA and tax advisors ensure that transactions are executed to the highest standards.

Automate paperwork

We help you navigate and prepare all necessary documents and fillings to stay compliant.

De-risk investments

We offer full-protection tax credit transfer insurance, on top of a thorough diligence process and tight contract indemnities.


Browse renewable projects

Discover clean energy projects across the country. Learn about project developers, timelines, environmental impact, and return on investment opportunities for tax credits.


Bid on tax credits

Tax credits are sold at a discount. Choose from available renewable energy tax credits to purchase. Your investments are always protected.


Protect your investment

We offer the option to add full-coverage tax credit insurance, which will protect you in case that there are any issues with the transaction or project. Moreover, we will execute a thorough diligence and provide a tight sales-purchase agreement with full indemnities.


Take a back seat (we take care of everything)

We take care of the diligence process, provide all the documentation and contracts required, handle all approvals and execute the transaction through our tech platform. Let us handle the paperwork so that you can get back to business.


Earn on your investment

Concentro ensures that all appropriate transfer election documents are filed with your taxes so your investment generates a positive return.

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