For tax credit Sellers

Get access to funding by monetizing tax credits. Concentro helps you connect with buyers in a simple and transparent way.

Why Concentro?

Qualify projects

Verify that projects meet government standards to ensure maximum tax credit value.

Receive offers

Receive offers from qualified investors through the Concentro marketplace based on your proposed pricing.

Avoid complexity

You do not need to engage in tax equity tax equity structures and we will take care of all the process.

Get paid

Concentro manages all the paperwork and legalese so you can get paid and focus on your business.


Create a project listing

Create a listing for your renewable development projects. Set your purchase price and list tax credits for sale.


Accept purchase offers

Choose from verified buyer offers to sell your tax credits. Concentro facilitates buyer-seller relationships to ensure a smooth transaction.


Take a back seat (we take care of everything)

We will do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your business: we will work with experts to make sure everything is properly set up for a transfer, develop all the contracts and paperwork, and help you with the required filings.


Get paid as soon as the project is placed in service

Once you place the project in service, the transaction will become effective and you will receive the cash.

Start getting paid up front with Concentro